Overtone Choir Spektrum

Conducted by: Jan Stanek, Going Home (from New World Symphony no. 9) – composed by: Antonin Dvorak (Czech / USA), overtonechoir arrangement: Stuart Hinds (U.S.A.)

As an ‘ordinary’ choir, Overtone choir Spektrum from Prague stands up even to the high demands of international competition. The vocal performance of SPEKTRUM is however extraordinary, due to the members having mastered the so-called technique of overtone singing. This enables them to create an absolutely unique and beautiful choir sound, very peculiar and almost incomparable to anything else.

The members of Spektrum undergo special vocal training with the leadership of its conductor Jan Stanek. Thereafter they are able to use this overtone singing technique in the common (but sometimes also very special) choir repertoire. Spektrum is unique among overtone choirs, particularly because it connects traditional choir singing with overtone techniques. It is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, and one of only a few in the world.

The Concordia Choir

The Concordia Choir, Dr. René Clausen, Conductor performs Kurt Bestor’s Prayer for the Children at Orchestra Hall. Concordia College is located in Moorhead, MN

The 79-voice choir continues to affirm its reputation as one of the nation’s finest a capella choirs and a leader in interpreting and advancing the Lutheran choral tradition.

Kurt Bestor writes, “Over the years, I’ve written many songs with melodies more memorable, lyrics more poetic, and harmonies richer. But none of my compositions has had the kind of reach and emotional effect of Prayer of the Children. Ironically, I never intended to publish the song at all. I wrote it out of frustration over the horrendous civil war and ethnic cleansing taking place in the former country of Yugoslavia.”

The High School of Glasgow Chamber Choir

Songs of Praise Senior School Choir of the Year 2013 Semi Final

The High School of Glasgow Chamber Choir at BBC Songs of Praise Senior School Choir of the Year 2013 semi final singing ‘Oh God You Search Me’ by Bernadette Farrell with choir master Frikki Walker.

Bernadette Farrell is one of Britain’s leading liturgical composers, a former member of the St. Thomas More Group in London, and an acclaimed pastoral musician.

Dekoor Close Harmony

Dekoor Close Harmony (1985) is a choir of 30 students of the Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Conducted by Christoph Mac-Carty the choir brings a mix of jazz, gospel and popular music to the stage, while occasionally experimenting with classical genres and world music as well.

Dekoor sings pieces of the songs they sang at the BALK TOPfestival in 2011, being: Zombie, Bebop, The Battle of Jericho and I Know Where I’ve Been.

Harding University Concert Choir


Harding University Concert Choir – Harding, Arkansas

The 90-member Concert Choir was organized in the fall of 1988. Members are chosen by audition. The majority of members major in disciplines other than music; approximately 30 majors within the university are represented.

Dr. Kelly Neill has been the director of the Harding University Concert Choir for the past three years.