Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold – The Hobbit

str8voices – concentrated energy from acappella eight young throats. The singers from Hannover delight with a varied program and present both jazz and pop arrangements. The combination of wit, charm, sincerity and high musicality with the str8voices deny their appearances, they brought alongside many sympathies at various places in Germany.

Westminster Chorus

Sure On This Shining Night

Westminster, singing a Jay Giallombardo, composition of “Sure On This Shining Night” in the Petrikirche, a Protestant church (start of construction 1322) in Dortmund, Germany. The church is famous for the huge carved altar (known as “Golden Miracle of Dortmund”), from 1521. It consists of 633 gilt carved oak figures depicting 30 scenes about Easter. Under the direction of Justin Miller,

Metropolitan Opera Singers

Nabucco – Hebrew Slaves Chorus

One viewer’s comment: As a history teacher, I absolutely love this melody from Guiseppe Verde; Nabucco; particularly when teaching World History about Israel, Egypt and Mesopotamia. I am a Christian and love this music as it accentuates an already part of world history and plight of the ancient Hebrews,who were captive slaves in Egypt, under Rameses, prior to Moses and Exodus.Sure it is not authentic Biblical music but it improves my ability to get their attention and make them learn!